hello habitat and other stuff...

You never do know where you are going to see some pattern inspiration.  The other day while looking for a door handle in a boring giant diy store I came across this little fix of wallpaper loveliness on a habitat stand.  Nice.

now for some other stuff...  

Firstly, you will remember I ran a mini moderns giveaway all last week.  

Well, Rebecca Greenwood was the lucky winner who had her name pulled out of the mini moderns tote bag.  So well done Rebecca, the prizes are on their way to you and I hope you love them.  I'm a tiny bit jealous I have to admit!


Secondly you will know that last week I featured a round up of two shows 100%design and TENT, where I featured my pick from the brilliant designers I spoke to.  That of course is not the whole story. I also didn't get to speak to lots of great designers who need a mention none the less as their work fits right in here at pattern booth.  There are really too many to mention but here's a shout out to some of the designers I'm particularly sad I missed that are well worth checking out. 

Clockwise from the top left you can see the stylings of Rachel Powell, Room 39, Zoe Murphy and Sian Elin.  I've got interviews with Room 39 and Zoe Murphy already lined up, and hopefully I'll get to talk to Rachel and Sian at some point in the near future too!

Finally, there has been amazing support for pattern booth so far; reader figures are shooting up and I hope you are all enjoying this regular dose of pattern indulgence.  Tomorrow you can get some inspiration over load from the lovely Sarah and Dinah from Studio Lilesadi.

SO thank you lovely readers and pattern addicts for the support so far.