the weekend starts here...hannah waldron

Today the weekend starts here with the very talented hannah waldron, a print and textile designer currently living in Sweden.  I love hannah's work and would love to have one of her prints hung on my own wall.  So you can imagine how pleased I was to get to chat to Hannah about her work.

wallpaper designed for pizza express

wallpaper designed for pizza express

patternbooth:  firstly, can you tell me a bit about yourself and your journey into designing?

hannah:  I studied Illustration at the University of Brighton, graduating in 2007, and since then I have developed my portfolio by working on various projects I was invited to be involved in. Naturally things have progressed in a direction that suits my personality and interests, and I have gravitated towards textiles and weaving.

furoshiki designed for Link Collective

furoshiki designed for Link Collective

patternbooth:  your style is very distinctive, how did it develop?

hannah:  That's very kind of you to say.  It's hard to answer really because I just make work of images that develop in my mind based on experiences I have had, or places I have visited that made an impression on me. I suppose it's a direct reflection of the development of my interests and experience.  It's hard to say when you're so involved in it.


patternbooth:  who would you say are your main influences?

hannah:  I found out recently that my father, who is an architect, used to make drawings that are similar to mine, which must of been an influence, but I don't remember.  But I do love now to look at architectural drawings, especially of 'visionary' buildings that never came to be.  In past years I have looked a lot at the weavings and textiles of nomadic cultures, and modernist ideas, especially the colour theory they explored which has fed into my work.


patternbooth:  you have a very prestigious client list which is not surprising because your work is so gorgeous.  A lot of new designers will be interested in how this happens? ...what is it like to be meeting with people from the V&A, Paul Smith etc

hannah:  All my commissions have come from clients seeing my website or through contacts. It's great to work with such prestigious institutions and clients, I feel lucky to have had such good experience so far.  Also a few bad ones too!  But mostly good.


patternbooth:  your work is really varied with prints, textiles and wall coverings all there a type of application of your work that you haven't achieved yet, but would like to?

hannah:  I am currently experimenting more with my weaving, and I want to explore how my drawing could translate into shaft weaving.


patternbooth:  can you describe your workspace?

hannah:  A big desk with a board in front with a piece of yellow cloth pinned to it.  I have a thing for the shade of mustard at the moment. 

textile design for R.Newbold of Paul Smith

textile design for R.Newbold of Paul Smith

patternbooth:  what is the best advice you would give a new designer?

hannah:  make work you enjoy doing, challenge yourself in new directions and be confident to show it to people.


If you want to see more of hannah's brilliant work then you can have a look on her website at