the christmas break starts here...round up

As this is the last patternbooth post of the year, I thought it was time for a bit of a round up.  So, here are some of the brilliant designers that have sat in the patternbooth interview chair this year, along with some of their top advice...enjoy!  


Kirath Ghundoo told us to keep our eye on the prize and know how we're going to get there...

Super nice guys Keith and Mark from the stylish Mini Moderns told us to keep our overheads down and to trust that 'no one knows your brand as well as you do'.


Tamasyn Gambell told us that she probably couldn't work for anyone else anymore as she so loves being in control of her products from design to production. She also sold me a very beautiful cushion!

The lovely Diane Allen talked to us back in September and told us to not get too hung up over one individual design.  'Don't force it if it's not working!'


Since talking to patternbooth Sarah from Lilesadi has had a baby, but back then Dinah and Sarah were busy working on their new collection and a ceramics project.  They told us that opening their own studio was the best business decision they ever made.

Rachel Cave advised aspiring freelance designers to keep their portfolios really eye catching and varied.

flight of fancy small.jpg

Super friendly Sarah from Design Bark told us to... 'be yourself!  Be true to your creativity and network like there is no tomorrow!'

Petra from Room39 told us to take our time, develop slowly, find our own voice and make mistakes... 'start small, play around, don't take yourself too seriously but be serious about what you do.'  Oh, and invest in a book-keeping course.

Large Bliss (600).jpg

Clever Sarah and Howard from Parris Wakefield Additions told us to 'believe in yourself, be original and go for it.'  Always admit if you don't know something and never be afraid to ask for advice.

Erica Wakerly told us to 'look at those designers you admire and then do something completely different that is your own'.


Rotterdam based Jessica Nielsen told us to learn from others, and not to forget to keep an eye on your budget!

Talented Hannah Waldron told us to make work that you enjoy doing, challenge yourself in new directions and be confident to show your work to people.


Dante Terzigni told us to have fun and make mistakes. Don't be afraid to try new things, be open-minded, embrace change and trust your instincts.

Lindsey Lang told us to get on the phone and speak to people in person.  'You have to trust your manufacturers and that relationship can't be built via email'.


And finally, Molly from Ditto Repeats wishes someone had saved her a lot of time and frustration by making her learn Adobe suite back in art school!

I think you'll agree that this pretty awesome and varied bunch of designers gave some sound advice.  Patternbooth was thrilled to bring you interviews with these designers, who I think, produced some of the most interesting work of 2012.  I say 'some' because of course Patternbooth didn't manage to fit everyone in!  So hang onto your hats and get ready for 2013 where we already have some brilliant interviews lined up.

If you want to appear on patternbooth, or if you have a favourite designer that you want to see featured then you can get in touch at

I hope you've enjoyed this little round up.  It seemed a fitting way to head into a little festive break.  I will be closing the patternbooth until Monday 7th of January.

I find it hard to believe that patternbooth is only 4 months old!  I've had such a lot of fun so far I really hope you've enjoyed it too.  Keep leaving comments, emailing ( and tweeting (@patternbooth), but most of all have a truly wonderful Christmas.  

See you again in the New Year.      Cara x