spangels, winged figures and other stuff

I am in a very festive mood.  I was heading to meet a client close to oxford street last week and as it was early in the morning the christmas lights of oxford street and regents street were especially spangly in the dark morning sky.  It's long been iconic, but that morning the beautiful barbara hepworth sculpture, "winged figure", that hangs on the side of the John Lewis building was particularly beautiful.  So for everyone that doesn't get to London, or, if you didn't know this treasure was there, I thought I'd share...

barbara hepworth

barbara hepworth

I love featuring other people's work, i find it endlessly inspirational, but you might not know that I'm also a pattern designer myself.  So I was very pleased to be featured on the lovely Esther Cox's blog 'Esther Cox's Kiosk' a super blog full of Esther's quirky finds. Now if you were reading patternbooth on Tuesday (of course you were!) you will remember that I featured Esther's work. The timing may seem a bit like a pattern swap, but in fact it was a bit of lovely serendipity.

You might also know Esther from from her guest blogs for Tigerprint.  They are well worth a read.

In the run up to christmas a lot of socialising takes place, and as we have a new house that some of our friends haven't seen yet, a lot of our drink and dinner dates are happening at our house, which is lovely...except it dawned on us that for one particular dinner we didn't have enough dinner chairs or plates!  

Anyway, a quick trip to IKEA soon fixed that.  I showed you the chair last week, but there were quite a few lovelies in IKEA this season.  I really liked these bowls and the one on the left reminded me of the Illums Bolighus bag I posted last thursday.

Of course my Christmas decorations are up, already.  I LOVE Christmas!  I also love finding new festive decorations.  Here is a garland I got given recently; I think it is really sweet in it's simplicity and very festive.

So for the next couple of weeks patternbooth is going to be christmas-tastic and stuffed full of festive fare.  I'll bring you some of the lovely things I've seen that are everything festive and maybe even some things that have made it into our Christmas decoration box.  

If you have something festive and patternboothy then do let me know and I might just be able to find a space for it...

Have a great weekend.