The weekend starts here...Rachel Cave

If you love patterns you will no doubt already be familiar with freelance surface pattern designer Rachel Cave.  You can see her designs everywhere, from fashion to homeware to paper products and she already has an impressive client list.  If you don't already know Rachel's work then you're in for a treat because patternbooth and Rachel had a chat...


patternbooth: your designs are strong, colourful and fun, who are your influences?

Rachel:  There are so many!  from Marianne Westman who's a ceramic artist to Lucienne Day and Sanna Annukka.   

patternbooth: what is your workspace like?

Rachel: my studio space is currently a small ikea desk and mac computer in the living room.  The room is filled with vintage and retro finds so I'm always inspired.

patternbooth:  your colour picks are always really strong and interesting.  Do you have a favourite palette?

Rachel:  I don't have a favourite palette, but I think my work shows how much colour is really important. I can spend hours choosing the right colours.

patternbooth:  your designs work well individually and together.  When you are creating new work, do you work one pattern at a time, or do you work in collections.

Rachel: I generally work in collections, with one pattern leading to another.  It depends really what the client is after.


patternbooth: where would you most like to see your patterns?

Rachel: There are so many products I'd love to see my designs on.  I'm slowly ticking off the list, but a range of fabric would be great!

patternbooth:  you've had lots of success already, what is your best advice for aspiring freelance designers?

Rachel:  my best advice is to have a really eye catching and varied portfolio.   


Well, Rachel certainly has that, and she also told me that she has just finished a new project designing for Marks and Spencers, so keep your eyes open for more Rachel Cave on the high street really soon... and while you're waiting, you can see more of Rachel's work on her website