the weekend starts here... Lile Sadi

Studio Lilesadi is the label of German twin sister duo Dinah and Sarah Smutny.  Founded in 2011 and based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands designer Dinah and studio partner Sarah are already putting some interesting work out into the world of surface pattern design.  Pattern booth caught up with Sarah to find out more...

pattern booth:  who is your design inspiration?

sarah:  We inspire ourselves a lot. We are both very interested in arts and culture and architecture and design books, vintage markets etc, so we constantly stumble on new stuff which brings us new ideas. Nina Levett certainly was a strong influence in Dinahs work. It made her discover her love for illustration. She draws inspiration from architecture  books, photography even from structures and colors in nature.


pattern booth:  what is your workspace like?

sarah:  Our work space is bright white with flashy colour accents. Our mood board is a central point for the development of new designs and collections. The work space is full of cushions, prints and packaging material as we send all orders from here.

Furthermore you will notice a happy mix of objects from flea markets, vintage shops and of course Lilesadi;)


pattern booth:  what is the best design advice you ever had?

sarah:  it was from Nina Levett who once told Dinah to open her own studio, as she had a too unique style to only work for others.

pattern booth:  where would you most like to see your work?

sarah:  we would love to see our work in nice design stores in Scandinavia, Europe and all over the world and of course in the homes of people. Our aim is bringing pureness and poesy in chaotic everyday life. From October on we will be represented by the fantastic agency WhatWeDo in Scandinavia. We are really looking forward to that!

pattern booth:  what's next for lilesadi?

sarah:  we are busy with our new Autumn/Winter 2012 collection which will be available soon.The new collection has earthy tones and very illustrative patterns. We will create place mats, tea towels and cushions and as well scarfs with it. Everything to feel cosy for the cold season ; )

Another project coming is Ceramics, we cannot wait to show you our first plates!

You can find out more about the work of Lilesadi by visiting their website here