the weekend starts here...rafael rozendaal

If you live in europe you'll have no doubt seen the latest Ford ad featuring Rafael's work. It was so vibrant and colour filled that I couldn't resist getting in touch with Rafael, even though he is not a pattern designer in the traditional sense. So here's for something a little bit different...


patternbooth:  How did you end up at this point in your career?

rafael:  It's really bit by bit. I've had strange jobs to support my art career. I studied art. Then I just started posting more and more things online. You build an audience bit by bit.


patternbooth:  Why the internet and digital image as opposed to paint and canvas?

rafael:  It's easy and cheap, and you can share it with the world in a blink of an eye.


patternbooth:  Your work is so strong in colour and pattern, have you ever been tempted to spend more time on more conventional applications of pattern?

rafael:  I am always happy to explore different avenues. I've always used the internet first because I am 100% my own boss there.


patternbooth:  What influences and inspires you the most?

rafeal:  Old cartoons and old paintings.


patternbooth:  What has been your favourite commission and why?

rafael:  The Ford project was really awesome because it was something I had never done before  I was positively surprised with how it turned out!

patternbooth:  What's your dream brief or collaboration?

rafael: I would love to art direct a science fiction film. I would love to come up with a very abstract future vision.


patternbooth:  What next?

rafael:  Making music, continuing my art, traveling.


patternbooth:  What advice would you give someone just starting out?

rafael:  Exercise, lots of green tea, lots of working and try not to worry, it's useless.


If you want to see more of Rafael's work then head over to his site here.