the weekend doesn't quite start here...

If you are a regular patternbooth reader you will know that this spot is usually filled with an interview with a talented creative, who has lots of gems of wisdom to share, and some gorgeous products and patterns for us to be inspired by.

You can catch up on who we featued in 2012 here, and 2013 will be just as good; there are already some great designers lined up, but...I wanted to start the new year finding out more from you my trusty reader.

Firstly, WHO do YOU want to see on patternbooth?


I feature designers who already have an established business on Fridays. Designers with some great designs and products out in the world.  

So who do you like? Who do you want to introduce to others? Or, do you want your business to be featured?  Be a design hero and spread the pattern love.

Secondly, WHAT are YOU interested in finding out about? 


Is it design inspiration, running your own business or personal histories?  What really gets you interested?  I've had a tonne of great feedback about the interviews I've done so far, but I want you to find out everything you want to go on, release the design journalist inside and let me know what you think I should be asking.

Finally you'll know I also feature new designers. You can see here examples of some great work by Angela Johnston, Esther Cox, Annabel Perrin and Victoria Franco.  

If you're a 'new' designer then why not get your work featured? You might be a student, a graduate, a late starter or making your way on etsy and society 6.  If you want exposure and have a patternbooth style then get in touch!  Don't forget to share the love and tell any 'new' designers you know about patternbooth too.

So that's it for today.  An unconventional first friday of the year, but I know you have a heap of design talent, inquisitiveness and favourites that you want to share and patternbooth really is at it's best when you shape it. So send me a comment, or email me directly at  I'm looking forward to hearing what you send my way.