monday mix

To kick off this monday I thought I'd share a lovely pattern from Annabel Perrin who you might remember I first featured on Patternbooth last year.  I love both these colourways.

Annabel has just finished touting her wares at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester. You can find her next at Handmade in Britain, which is held in London, on the 8th-10th November. 


Next up I loved these Laura Spring Duffels at Pulse earlier in the year, and now that the autumn is upon us, a sturdy duffel seems just the thing. 


Finally a couple of patterns from my pinterest boards. I think they are both amazing. The first is from the 1950's and is by Brazilian artist Judith Lauand, the second is from the very talented Marc Nagtzaam.  Enjoy. 

geo patterns