Emma Cooper Designs

Twitter Talent Show

I love twitter. I think its a great way to connect with people who have shared interests, and while having a coffee break the other day, I got to thinking about the people I 'follow' and the people who 'follow' me.

I was reminded of what a LOT of talent there is out there.

Because I tweet about pattern it's probably no surprise that lots of the people who are connected to me through twitter are not only those with a passion for pattern, but also talented designers, producers of gorgeous products and independent shop keepers who stock these gorgeous products.

I have featured and interviewed a lot of people on my twitter list already, but really I could do more. So today is the start of another occasional series where I share the talents of a fellow tweeter. I hope you enjoy it, and if you want to find me on twitter just head along to @patternbooth and I'll see you there.

Today I'd like to share the work of Emma Cooper Designs. Emma is an artist and pattern designer from the UK who is living in Singapore.


You can find more of Emma's work on here on her website