sheila bownas

Art, Craft and Collaboration from the Sheila Bownas Archive

Now you will remember the amazing patterns in the Sheila Bownas archive from my interview with Chelsea Cefai last January. I'm a fan, and so I was really excited that there are new patterns out to tempt me this Christmas.


A shared appreciation for traditional craft and Mid 20th Century design forms the latest collaboration from Chelsea Cefai of the Sheila Bownas archive with furniture brand Parlour.

Handcrafted in the north east of England the Edwin sofa is inspired by the versatile daybeds of the 1950s. The rich solid walnut pairs beautifully with a range of printed linens from the Bownas library, which are mixed subtly with plain textured weaves.

I'm also loving the new lampshades, with their beautiful patterns tucked away on the inside, giving us interesting little peeks of colour and pattern. 

The distinctive pieces will be available online at and the collection goes on show at Midcentury Modern on Sunday 1st December 2013.