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Six months ago when I had just started blogging as Patternbooth Kirath Ghundoo was my very first 'weekend starts here' interviewee.  Now I'm still loving Kirath's work and I wanted to do a bit of an update with her, but I also know a lot of your have started reading Patternbooth more recently. SO, I thought I would re-share that first interview and then add the catch up from Kirath at the end... If you have read the original interviw then feel free to skip down to my recent chat with Kirath.

The first interview was posted on the 7th September 2012.

photo from 100% Design

There are so many great designers out there and some are making their mark by producing modern, graphic surface patterns that are far more than a sum of their geometric parts.  

One designer that I'm particularly inspired by is the brilliant Kirath Ghundoo.  Kirath is based in County Durham in the UK, graduated in 2006 with a 1st Class degree in surface pattern and textile design and gained her MA in Textiles in 2011.  Her first wallpaper collection Mix 'n' Match was launched in 2011 to great acclaim, and her 2012 collection MisMatch hasn't disappointed with its strong colours (Sharon is my favourite) and beautiful geometrics.  

I caught up with Kirath last week...

pattern booth:  you are fast becoming lots of people's favourite designer, but who are your favourites?

Kirath:  I love, Rob Ryan, Paul Smith, Matthew Williamson, Sarah Morris for her recent collaboration for TFL.  I'm always scoping out new designers...inspiration is everywhere.

pattern booth:  Your designs continue to feel very fresh.  Where do you get your design inspiration from?

Kirath:  My design inspiration comes from everywhere, every day encounters all transpire into my work.  

pattern booth:  your work has been so well received by the public, media and industry.  It must have taken a lot of dedication, hard work and commitment to get this far.  What was the best design advice you've ever had?

Kirath: Keep your eyes on the prize and know how you are going to get there!


March 2013

I caught up with Kirath again a couple of weeks ago to see what she has been up to in the last six months...

patternbooth:  Since we last spoke you have launched your beautiful '13' wallpaper collection.  Can you tell us about it?

kirath:  I explored a dark palette and was inspired by the Aubergine colour trend, dark nights and aspects of travel to Dubai. There are a few underlying emotional inspirations to the collection. Jewel symbolises 'love', drawing reference to patterns that represent the highs and lows and creating a eye catching feature with a red diamond.

Each collection represents and reminds me of a time in my life - I love documenting my life as a visual diary. 

patternbooth:  You were nominated for an Elle British Design award last year.  Though you didn't win, did good things come of that for you?

kirath:  It was such a great personal achievement, and yes, fabulous things have come from it.

Kirath Ghundoo.png

patternbooth:  You continue to get great press and journal coverage for your work. Is there a magazine or publication that is still on your wishlist?

kirath:  Yes the coverage I continue to receive is really great. Hmmmm maybe a spread in Glamour or Vogue Living would be ace.

patternbooth:  You've hinted at some of the exciting projects you have coming up this year. Can you tell us more...what are you up to with the BBC and with Contravision?

kirath:  With Contravision I have been working on a project surrounding see through graphics, and with the BBC I have been involved in a wallpaper documentary...I can't say too much until they go live!

patternbooth:  Have you started working on '14'?

kirath:  I wish I had the not yet, however keep your eyes peeled!

If you want to see more of Kirath's lovely pattern work then you can visit her website and shop here at