patternbooth goes to the show...the finale

Right, it's Friday and time to get on with the final PULSE 2013 instalment. There are still some brilliant patterns to share with you; I hope you like them all as much as I do.

So first up is Studio Harlen.  Over on the Princes Trust stand I was impressed with this whole collection. Great patterns and really nice quality bags... great job Kate and Sophie.

studio harlen


If I had a long neck I would wear ties. Sadly I don't, and so I get my kicks looking at other people and their lovely ties. So it's no surprise I loved these knitted ties from Hikaru Nouguchi.

hikaru nouguchi

Joanna Corney, and her delicate deco chic wallpapers, cushions and lampshades, were on display in the Launchpad area. If you read the Confessions of a Design Geek blog you will have seen that Joanna also won the Best New Launchpad Exhibitor award.  Congratulations Joanna! 

joanna corney - photo from Confessions of a Design Geek

I loved the colour choices and patterns of knitware designer Sarah Elwick...

sarah elwick

sarah elwick

and the stand of Deryn Relph was a riot of cosy colour that couldn't help but make you smile.

deryn relph

deryn relph

I liked Erika Braccini's cushions, and that was before I knew she used discarded pvc banners which would otherwise have gone to landfill, alongside natural cotton, to create them.  I now like them even more!

erica braccini

For my last stand of the show I'm going to head back to the Princes Trust area to see Beulah-home. With her range of cushions and throws, I was super impressed with the positivity and enthusiasm of this young designer.


And relax.

That's it. I've walked and I've talked and I hope you've enjoyed the stands I've shared with you this week. It's time to take my tired marimekkos home to put my feet up! Do let me know what you thought, who you loved, and who I missed!