catch up with Parris Wakefield Additions

As a blogger I always really appreciate the time people spend answering my questions and agreeing to be featured.  I like to think patternbooth is more than a one off interview, so I like to keep in contact with the goings on of people who feature, and hopefully keep supporting them as they promote their work... 

So today I thought it would be a treat to catch up with a couple of designers who I interviewed in the early days of patternbooth (almost a year ago!).   

One of the first interviews I did on patterbooth was with the lovely Sarah from Parris Wakefield Additions.

You can read that first interview in full by clicking the link here

I met Sarah and Howard (aka Parris Wakefield Additions) during their launch year, where they introduced their strong and vibrant pattern vision to the world of interiors.  I thought it was about time I caught up with them to see what had happened post launch...

patternbooth:'s been almost a year since TENT. What is new with Parris Wakefield Additions?

sarah:  Firstly, we're just launching our patterns as curtain and upholstery fabric.  They are digitally printed and co-ordinate with the rest of the Parris Wakefield Additions range.  Things have taken so long to get to production, but we are finally there - yay! 

sarah: We are also soon putting our wallpapers in the shop. We had real struggles getting the colours right, but finally we found the right manufacturer for us, and we have had the new samples through and they have nailed the colours. It is being printed now and looks fabulous - whew! 

sarah:  When we last met we hadn't launched our rugs.  They were launched at Domotex which is the leading trade fair for floor coverings. Our collection was submitted by Knots Rugs for the 'best modern collection' award. We were thrilled to make the final 3 - for our first collections to be recognised in this way, and to be a finalist alongside rug designers with established reputations was a huge honour. 

The rugs are inspired by different artists. The process of choosing each piece of art was many fun filled hours looking through art books and imagining different rooms and architecture. For example I would imagin I had a house near a beach with a big windowed sun filled room, then ask myself what sort of picture would I like on the wall, what colours would work? For me David Hockney's 'A Bigger Splash' is the perfect fit. The Hockney inspired rug (left) is called 'Two weeks : Two seconds' after Hockney expressed his pleasure at taking two weeks to paint a moment that lasted two seconds. 

We've got some new stockists which is great, and we are really delighted to be stocked in SCP now. Lastly we are now furiously planning for TENT in September. We will have even more to tell you when we see you there... !

patternbooth:  Phew! That was a lot of catching up, and all very exciting. 

If you want to see more of Parris Wakefield Additions then head to their site here