the weekend starts here...alyson fox

I love the work of Alyson Fox. 


So you can imagine how pleased I was to catch up with Alyson following an exciting trip, here to the UK, to see her latest collaboration with H & M come to life. 


patternbooth:  Tell us about your work. 

alyson:  It's a bit familiar and alarming. It's a mix of different mediums and curiosities. It's sometimes art and sometimes product. I like designing things for commercial ends and for no end at all.

patternbooth:  For those of us who haven't been, what is the creative scene like in Austin, Texas? 

alyson:  We have a very vibrant city of creatives. We have people being nationally recgonized in architecture, dance, food,'s a really great place to make work and call home. We have both city life and the quiet which is what I need. 

patternbooth:  What inspires you? 

alyson:  My husband, our home, our puppy, little objects I have collected over the years, peoples messes, empty rooms, hardware stores. 

patternbooth:  Your work is very varied from patterns to photography to art, what does this variety bring to your work?

alyson:  For me it's all a similar process. I learn something from each medium I work in. They each inspire eachother. Often times when I am working on a pattern for a product I am also thinking about how I would want that piece photographed. I think this variety helps me tell a bit more of a story. 

patternbooth:  Your patterns have featured on lots of different objects from cushions and jewellery to digital graphics. How do you find your clients and collaborators?

alyson:  I have been incredibly lucky to be on the right blog at the right time. Seriously.

I have been approcahed by all of my collborators thus far but I am now thinknig about approcahing clients that I would love to work with and see what happens. It's a tricky business sometimes. I often feel like in this industry everyone wants new blood so I am trying to think of a platform that keeps me afloat.  

patternbooth:  What would be your dream brief? 

alyson:  To have a continual collaboration with H & M's new & Other Stories. It's was such an awesome project to be apart of and now I have a lot of new ideas for mix and match pieces. That's what always happens when the final pieces are want to keep on adding. 

patternbooth:  What is the hardest thing about being a designer, maker, artist...?

alyson:  All the internal voices that creep in and ask "why are you doing this?" All the stress of feeling like there may not be another project in the horizon....or another good idea. 

patternbooth:  What in your work are you most proud of? 

alyson:  Having worked with some amazing companies while keeping my voice heard. Never in a million years would I have thought I would work with H & M on a collection. 

patternbooth:  What advice would you give to someone just starting out? 

alyson:  Stay a beginner.  Invest in a good online portfolio. 

If you want to see more of Alyson's brilliant work, you can head over to her website at .  Let me know what you think of today's post. I'd love to hear your thoughts.