monday mix...and so to bed.

I have bedding on my mind.  Not just because I am tired, which I am, but because we are heading into summer, and bedding is a great way to change the feel of your room without redecorating.

So firstly let me share this offering from Missoni I came across for sale at Heal's. It is just perfect for summer.

photo from

I really like a good throw or blanket. Great for setting of your bedding, but also for so much more!  At this time of year a good blanket makes me think of picnics, cosying on the sofa watching a good film, and of course wrapping up on those chilly evenings outside on the patio.  

I saw this lovely reversible blanket at the great little shop Starling Store. Just gorgeous.

starling store

And these brilliant blankets from Seven Gauge Studios, super stylish and super cosy. 

seven gauge studios

Mostly though, I've been thinking about bedding because last week I made my first ever pledge in a kick starter campaign.  It involves some rather nice bedding from designer Petra Green at Room 39.  

Crowd sourcing is an interesting development for designers wanting to launch new product lines. Hopefully it will continue to expand the market to ever more young and exciting designers, and products, that otherwise wouldn't get off the ground. I know it gets my vote.

What do you think of my bedding choices?