today is mainly HEAL'S

Welcome to another week. A week full of patterns and sunshine, what more could you ask for?   Well how about some news from one of the UKs most famous stores...

You have probably noticed that there is a buzz about Heal's at the moment. 

Of course they are well known for being fabulous, and have been around for ever, (since 1810 anyway) but lately there are some big changes afoot.  

Design magazine article 


Of most interest to me is the revamp of the fabrics department, which promises to be very special indeed, taking the business back to it's roots when it had a huge reputation for identifying and promoting new design talent.

Director of Heal Fabrics in the late 40s and 50s, Tom Worthington, revolutionised printed textile design, working with designers who went on to become household names like Lucienne Day and Peter Hall.

So what is in store, so to speak? 


(below clockwise:  1. Emamelware - Valriopinte, Beakers - Falcon  2. Throws - Seven Gauge Studios  3. Match boxes - Hay  4. Chair - Out of the Dark featuring Bliss fabric from Parris Wakefield Additions)

"Many people begin introducing new patterns, colours or design ideas into their home with a simple swatch or inspirational image, and a conversation with people they trust for advice. Recognising this, Heal’s has integrated its Interior Design Service and Fabric department, offering customers expert advice on home styling to bring their ideas to life – whatever the size or requirements of their project.

A well-edited collection of fabrics and wallpapers includes everything from the basics to the likes of St Judes’ artist- designed prints, painterly textiles from Boeme, Sandberg’s Scandi styling and modern graphic designs from Flock. In addition to this, there’s a brand-new Rug Studio with stacks of luxurious floor coverings, and a made-to-measure window dressings service, making this area of the Tottenham Court Road store a delight for the senses."    Heal's press release


tori murphy

amy sia

With favourites like Seven Gauge Studio's knits and the Bliss fabric from Parris Wakefield Additions already featuring we know we're going to be in for some goodies. Add to that new collections from Flock, Eleanor Pritchard, Amy Sia and Tori Murphy...

I'm excited to know we can look forward to a strong showing of modern, abstract and geo design.

I'll be sure to bring you more from the big re-launch happening in September.