patternbooth field trip - Ghent

As I explained in the last post, discovering Ghent was a happy accident resulting from a planned trip to Brussels...  I couldn't resist sharing some photos with you of my little trip.

It's fair to say I loved Ghent and I'll definitely be returning. That super dose of European cool that you get only in tantalising bites in other cities, Ghent has in bucket loads.

The perfect weekend break destination.



I loved the quirk of this city, where individuality rules.  The multifunctional city pavilion (seen above in this beautiful photo by Marc de Blieck) was designed by architects Robbrecht & Daem / Marie-Jose Van Hee and it dominated the square near out hotel; at night lit like a cathedral, it currently houses a solitary ribbon festooned piano for passers by to play upon.  The cobbled streets, bridges and canals that predominate the centre of Ghent has resulted in a pleasing lack of high heels and a wealth of tiny cafes, restaurants and shops.

colour palatte

Of course food and drink play an important part of every trip, and in Ghent the coffee was strong and everything we ate, from the flemish stew to the amaretto meringue, was delicious. Probably as a result of the buildings being quite tiny, and despite the weather being cool, the outside cafe culture was still bustling.


If that wasn't enough of a draw, the shopping was right up my street. Quirky and independent with a big hit of retro furniture, vintage finds, design led super cool and museums and galleries to wander round. Of course there were standard high street offerings too, but the small store happily dominated.


I'm already planning my next trip...I feel a Christmas market coming on. 

If you have a perfect weekend break destination and want to send in a report, get in touch and we could be featuring your favourite place soon.