patternbooth field trip - Brussels

I had a busy week last week on a little patternbooth field trip; and while I am rushing around the London Design Festival I thought I'd take a pause to tell you about it.  

The purpose of my little trip was to visit Belgium and, more particularly, Indigo Brussels and Mood, both big events in the world of textiles. 

show photo from indigo press section

show photo from indigo press section

Now I confess I was underwhelmed with Indigo, I had hoped I would have a big glossy report for you of all the pattern treasure and inspiration I found.  Apart from a couple of notable exceptions (Farkas Design and DASH + MILLER Ltd), I found it to be distinctly lacking in patterns I wanted to bring to your discerning attention.  

(If you went and I missed a gem or two, please do let me know.)

colour palatte

Luckily over in MoOD there was a small oasis of inspiration in the shape of the School of Arts of the University College Gent, where I found lots to be interested in.



The unexpected treat of the trip was that I ended up visiting Ghent, a Belgium city I would, most likely, never have otherwise visited.  So on Friday I'll be sharing my Ghent side trip photos with you; if you've not been before, I think you will love it!