Things I saw and things I missed

You'll remember that I spent last week reviewing some of the top shows that were part of the London Design Festival this year. 100% Design, Design Junction and Tent all gave some great patterns.

But what about everything else? 

There was WAY too much to see, but I did manage to take in a couple of other treats while I was out and about that I thought I'd share. 

First up I popped along to the Heal's festival party where the great and the good sipped fizz and wandered around the gloriousness (is that a word?) that is Heals.


bottom right photo courtesy of Heals event photographer

bottom right photo courtesy of Heals event photographer

It was great to see patternbooth favourites Seven Gauge Studios and Eleanor Pritchard being shown on this fabulous window display alongside cushions from Tori Murphy. 

I also popped along to the CAMCAC Design who were hosting the 5th Annual Student Wallpaper Design Competition at the Imago Gallery. There was some great new talent on show, though sadly I can't bring you pictures as a lot of the designs have been sold already. Having seen the standard of work, I'm not surprised. 

Annual Student Wallpaper  Design Competition Imago Gallery 2012 photo Ben Taylor -7442.jpg

As is the way with the LDF, when so many things are happening at once you do stumble across some unexpected treats.  This year my random find was a little exhibition called Lost Soles which explored work around the subject of lost shoes; quirky and well thought out.

lost soles

As well as shows you didn't expect to see there are inevitably shows you really wanted to see and didn't quite make it.  Luckily I know people who were armed with cameras and sent me their shots.  I was really sad to miss So Sottass at Darkroom

photo from

photo from

photo by esther cox

photo by esther cox

Thanks to Esther Cox for sending me her photo of the fabulous Totem lights by Jamie Julien-Brown. 

Lastly I'd hoped to get down to The Dock where Tom Dixon brought together some cool designer makers from Etsy to show off their wares. In a row of cute sheds turned into a fun boutique shopping event down at Portobello Dock this was an event I would have loved to have had the time to mooch round. 

the dock

Luckily two of those star Etsy designer makers are patternbooth friends Jonna Saarinen and Eleanor Young from Fun Makes Good and they kindly sent me some snaps. 

Other designer makers were Cayce Eastwood from Cerulean Press, jeweller Jessie Harris, Ringo Yu from Yu Square and Christopher Berry from Factory Twenty One.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed this will be an annual happening and that next year I'll be more organised!