wednesday update

You'll have noticed I'm sure that I've been a little hectic lately.  I've got the manufacturing sorted on my three new product lines...wallpaper, cushions and lampshades.  I've stood my first trade show at HOME London, and I've opened my online shop so that lovely people can actually buy the products that I have spent all this time on.

Phew.  It's certainly been pretty busy.

Now though I'm entering a new and scary phase of Patternbooth's life.  Sales and Marketing is something I'm completely new at.  But as a lot of you know it's a necessity to get good at it, so I'm now turning my energies in that direction and seeking out independent stores and galleries that seem like an exciting fit with the Patternbooth products.

Of course I'd love your help!  You know the Patternbooth brand, and you are undoubtedly a discerning shopper with impeccable style. Do you know a store or gallery where the Patternbooth products could happily live?

If you do, let me know!  Email me your expert tip ( and if they did go ahead and stock me, I'll make sure you get a big old discount code to spend in the shop.

In the meantime, I'm pulling the plug on my wednesday post.  Just for a while.

I'll use this extra time in the next few weeks to get on top of all the work that launching a new range of products appears to generate!

It won't be forever, it might not even be for long, but for the next few weeks at least you will find a Patternbooth blog fix twice a week on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS.

I hope you'll keep enjoying the blog and following along with my adventures and pattern loves.  See you Friday.