love me a hexagon

I really do. It's a shape that asks to be added to, tessellated up to a hive perhaps.

Anyhoo, here are some hexagons that have caught my eye this week.

This beautiful brass bangle is from London based jewellery designer Ella Cooley.


Susannah at Hove shop Dowse has made this delicious print 'How to draw a hexagon'.

hex blue pic.jpg

I thought this cherrywood hexagonal shelf would look nice on a bookshelf showing off a key item. It can be found on Etsy shop EyeofNature.




A couple of months ago I was in Copenhagen and I didn't buy some felt place mats, that were the perfect shade of green, *shakes head slowly in disbelief*.  Since then I have been keeping my beady eye on all things felt.  These are not said place mats, but they are rather nice and you can get them from Etsy shop Feltplanet.