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I've had my eye on Thorody for a while now. Their muted patterns, with an eye for detail, and an appreciation of the urban environment appeals to me, and when they released their first wallpaper called Pigeon Coop, they became one of my firm favourites.

So I was pleased to have the opportunity to find out more about the work, and about Vicky and Theo, the design duo behind the label.


patternbooth: Tell me about the name Thorody.

thorody: It was the only name we both agreed on… our daughter’s name is Dorothy.


patternbooth:  What is it like to design with your partner? How does the process of designing a pattern work for you?

thorody: We both started out as painter’s and so we each have our own ideas, we tend to pick up each others drawings and do something to them.  We have given ourselves a few ‘rules’ which rather than restrict us seem to free us.


patternbooth: Do you make your own products or outsource? and what are the positives and the challenges of that?

thorody:  We do our own printing up to 5m. Longer lengths we outsource. Up ‘til now Vicky has made all our products but we are beginning to outsource that too.

The pro’s are that it frees us up to do other things, the professionals do the job much more efficiently and it becomes much easier to arrive at an accurate cost price. The con’s are that you have to relinquish control, you have to keep a close eye on the quality.


patternbooth:  You began as painters. do you still paint or have you moved away from that to focus entirely on printed textiles?  

thorody:  We still paint, and now our designs feed into our paintings as well as the other way around. We are organising a painting exhibition for next year, which is very exciting.


patternbooth:  What are your best and worst business decisions to date?  

thorody:  Best: deciding not to give up when we reached a crisis point. Worst: investing in too much stock before we knew what would sell.

B.Hex_chair©Thorody copy.jpg

patternbooth:  A lot of readers of the blog are designer / makers, how do you navigate your way in such a challenging industry?  

thorody: We are still working that out by trial and error! If you can work out where you fit in the market place that helps… alot. Find a way to keep going, regardless, even when things reach a crisis point!  

patternbooth: What advice would you give someone wanting to follow in your footsteps and produce their own line?  

thorody:  Patience. Keep on going, don’t expect things to happen straight away. Be friendly and open to opportunities.


patternbooth:  What are you working on now / next?

thorody:  Now - We’ve just delivered our cushions to Heal’s for SS14 which we’re very excited about.  Next - New designs as always.  

patternbooth:  What are your dreams for Thorody?  

thorody:  For our designs to be all over the place, on beautifully designed and crafted furniture, maybe clothes too.

A.THORODY_PORTRAIT_1 againjpg.jpeg

You can see more of Thorody's products by heading to their website