As you know I launched the first patternbooth collection in mid January. I can't believe it's just over seven weeks seems like months.  

The journey is of course a long one, but amidst the emails and the phone calls, the planning of new designs and the sampling of new products, I wanted to take a little pause.  

Last week I put up my stockist page.  It's a modest list for now, but it will grow, and it is for me a big milestone.  Create a collection, launch, first show, first stockists...

Of course the list goes on, this is the the start of the journey, but I am trying to get better at celebrating what is happening now before I begin to worry about the next thing on the list... and that is why I'm taking a little pause.  Just to feel good.  

So today I've picked one example (out of the many) of the talent showcased by each of the stockists on my far.



Geo origami cushion by Mikabarr.

Monument Interiors

Squares wallpaper from Erica Wakerly.


Tapestry Zuni wallpaper from Cavern.


Concrete wallpaper from Piet Boon NLXL.