All Change


Its going to be all change at the patternbooth blog

I started the blog, almost two years ago, to share my love of geo and abstract design. It has been a pleasure to do; meeting new people, discovering new patterns, connecting with followers.  

I have so much appreciation of everyone who has contributed, shared their work or been interviewed for the blog.  (If you haven't done this before, I suggest you grab a cuppa and set aside 20 minutes to look back through the archives at some point. You will come across many impressive faces, awesome patterns and wise words from other designers).

Over the same time, as my own label has grown, I've found the schedule I set myself has become harder and harder to manage.  I went from posting 5 times a week to 3.  From 3 times a week to 2, and now, as the work on my second collection hots up, even a paltry twice a week is not always achievable.

So I was already pondering a change when someone said to me "I love your blog, but I don't really know what you do".  


And this is what I got to thinking:

1. I never imagined making my living from blogging, but from my own products, so that has to come first.

2. Some people will still be interested to see what I'm up to, (my work, patterns I've seen out and about, exhibitions and shows I've been to etc) so perhaps don't stop blogging altogether.  

3. I can carry on sharing other people's patterns that I love on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

And so that has brought me to this post, where I'm letting you know that the blog as it has been will cease, but I will continue blogging as and when I see something interesting, do something exciting or come across a pattern in my life I have to share.

I hope in the process you will get to know me and my work a bit better.  I also hope you will continue to follow along and share the geo love.


So its a goodbye, but only sort of  

You can best follow along on the blog by clicking the 'follow me on bloglovin' button over on the left. This will mean patternbooth posts will land directly in your inbox and save you having to remember to look for them. 

Also over on the left you will find the @patternbooth Pinterest and Twitter links which are stuffed full of beautiful geo and abstract patterns and products.

I will still be posting, just without a schedule to follow.  

I'm calling it 'Freeposting'.  

Sounds good to me.