It's all about You

You will have noticed, I don't doubt, just how much coverage pastels have been getting at the moment. It's not a category i've ever felt I belonged in, even though some of the Places collection is undoubtedly pastel. The pale blue and muted lemon in the collection were inspired by watery reflections and soft colours of a winter visit to New York, and feature on both cushions and wash bags.

Usually I associate pastels with a floral softness that just doesn't compute in my head, so I was surprised to find myself participating in a pastels photo shoot a few weeks ago for You magazine.  

Now, when I say 'participating in', I don't actually mean me of course, but one of my products.

I am in love with the result of this shoot which was snapped by Tobi Jenkins and styled by Emily Blunden. Clever Emily mixes soft pastels with sugar shades and pops of strong colour, to give a contemporary interiors look that showcases some of my favourite brands and stores...

...and of course my very own pale blue NYC cushion.