Hello. If you want to leave me a comment, feature something on the blog or talk about a potential project then just fill in the form below or email me directly at cara@patternbooth.com  

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Read on if you want to be featured on the patternbooth blog...

If you have a product or pattern you want to be featured on the blog then you can contact me initially on the form above, or email me at cara@patternbooth.com.  Before you get in touch, have a look at patternbooth posts that have gone before and get a feel for the work I feature; you will notice that the work I feature is usually graphic and geometric or abstract. 

Patternbooth is full of patterns I like and that I think will fit in with patternbooth.  Your pattern might be brilliant but still not feature because it doesn't quite fit.  If you submit work and I don't feature it please don't be offended.  It just means patternbooth is not the right fit for you, trust me, somewhere else will be!

If you have any questions then do get in touch. I look forward to seeing your products and designs...  Cara.